London 2017


Welcome to Hollywood….Planet Hollywood!!

This morning, the children have visited The Natural History Museum, and bought a few souvenirs (of course!).

Now, we are off to Buckingham Palace to see the Queen, then we will be going on a walking tour of London before visiting the National Gallery.

We have arrived!

After visiting the Queen, we headed off to the St. James’ Park to eat our lunch in the sunshine.

We then walked around London for a while, took in some sights and then headed to the National Gallery, off Trafalgar Square.

Then we headed for Pizza Express for tea!

Then we set off for the theatre, and took our seats. We are all currently very excited!

Well the show has finished and the children are thoroughly enjoyed it – they sat completely enraptured by the costumes, dancing, set and acting – what an amazing show!

We’re all back on the coach and looking forward to a good night’s rest, so that we have lots of energy for a workshop with some of the actors tomorrow.

Leaving the theatre

Harrod’s lit up at night. ‘If they don’t sell it, you don’t need it!’

Just arrived back at the hotel 11:30pm!

Reflection of today’s events…..

We’ll show those West End dancers how it’s done Mab’s Cross style!!!