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  Scientific name: Leiurus quinquestriatus. Family name: Buthidae. Classification: arachnid. I u c n status: no information. Life span: Most scorpions have a life span of two to six years. Weight: 2.5 grams. Body size: 80 to 110 (More)
I'm building a rocket, I hope it won't melt. Me and my friend will travel, To the Asteroid Belt But what do you mean, It's too dangerous. But if your going, Don't be too courageous! I'm building a rocket But not too low. I hope my frien (More)
18jason wrote: I'm Building A Rocket
I'm building a rocket, As soon as I'm done. I'm taking my friends, On a trip to the Sun But what do you mean, That the Sun is too bright. Oh well, I suppose It has a lot of light. I'm building a rocket, All afternoon. I'm taking my frie (More)